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Most Suitable Word Multiple Choice Worksheet 5

Fill in the gap with the most appropriate word from the three choices provided.

1. I have been feeling ______ all week, worrying about all my problems that are overwhelming me.

  1. bored
  2. challenged
  3. morose

2. The suicide victim had consumed a ______ cocktail of alcohol and anti-depressants and by the time the emergency services arrived, it was too late to save him.

  1. strong
  2. huge
  3. lethal

3. Jack has a hard decision to make. I feel sorry for his ______.

  1. dilemma
  2. problem
  3. heartache

4. The hysterical father was shouting at his children in an irrational and ______ way.

  1. unfriendly
  2. dogmatic
  3. loud

5. The couple were successful and ______. They lived in Beverly Hills and enjoyed a luxury lifestyle.

  1. affluent
  2. hopeful
  3. wealth

6. His plea was ______ in court due to overwhelming evidence of his guilt.

  1. destroyed
  2. conviction
  3. quashed

7. The chairperson requested that his assistant prepare a revised cost ______.

  1. reason
  2. estimate
  3. dollar

8. The instructor asked that we honestly ______ his course so that he could improve it.

  1. evaluate
  2. like
  3. help Premium

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