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Most Suitable Word Multiple Choice Worksheet 4

Fill in the gap with the most appropriate word from the three choices provided.

1. When I saw that your car was on the drive I made the ______ that you were at home.

  1. decision
  2. opinion.
  3. presumption

2. I'm not sure that the information in this document is factual. The people who wrote it are as ______ as the rest of us.

  1. fallible
  2. uncertain
  3. wrong

3. She was a great history teacher and as she was a good ______ too, her students enjoyed hearing her telling stories about history.

  1. raconteur
  2. talker
  3. speaker

4. The family had a rather ______ history. Many of it's descendants were morally base and mercenary.

  1. degenerate
  2. sordid
  3. grubby

5. The poor child looked hungry and weak. Her features were drawn and pinched and her complexion was ______.

  1. glowing
  2. sallow
  3. blemished

6. Please don't bother me with these ______ matters that have little importance or value.

  1. boring
  2. ordinary
  3. trivial

7. Americans ______ American democracy as a stellar model for the world.

  1. vaunt
  2. perceive
  3. created

8. Visibility was almost down to zero in the ______ water so the diver had to use his sense of touch to guide him.

  1. cold
  2. murky
  3. dark Premium

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