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Most Suitable Word Multiple Choice Worksheet 1

Fill in the gap with the most appropriate word from the two choices provided.

1. He won an ______ for his military service in Afghanistan.

  1. accolade
  2. accomplishment

2. There was a lot of fun ______ between the two men who enjoyed teasing each other.

  1. communication
  2. banter

3. She carried herself with a proud ______ as she left the interview room knowing that it had gone well.

  1. demeanour
  2. joy

4. Tom was ______ with fear at the prospect of meeting his future father-in-law.

  1. worried
  2. petrified

5. The chairman's argument was ______ by the rest of the board who disagreed strongly.

  1. discussed
  2. refuted

6. We have decided to ______ your basic salary from next month as a result of increased production and profits.

  1. augment
  2. decrease

7. The football player fell to the ground ______ in agony after the opponent kicked him in the face.

  1. wriggling
  2. writhing

8. He had some extreme and ______ ideas, but they were necessary to make the much needed changes within the organisation.

  1. opposing
  2. radical Premium

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