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Match The Definition Multiple Choice Worksheet 8

Choose the correct word from the list of three words below, which is BEST suited for the word or expression in capital letters in each sentence:

1. The application REQUIRES an essay.

  1. has no
  2. doesn't involve
  3. calls for

2. There are many conflicts in that REGION.

  1. area
  2. country
  3. state

3. OVERALL, we enjoyed the performance.

  1. For the most part
  2. Only in part
  3. Specifically

4. They ORIENTED themselves with the location of resources in the library.

  1. found
  2. studied
  3. familiarized

5. Minor earthquakes OCCUR frequently along fault lines.

  1. disappear
  2. happen
  3. stop

6. She was unable to JUSTIFY her actions.

  1. defend
  2. accept
  3. deny

7. Mark explained that writing his novel was a LABOR of love.

  1. label
  2. work
  3. result

8. Don't forget that the LECTURE on holograms is tomorrow.

  1. diagram
  2. presentation
  3. book

9. The professors debated whether THE INDIVIDUAL or society has a greater impact on the issue.

  1. groups
  2. committees
  3. a person

10. The security service is INVESTIGATING yesterday's disclosure of classified information.

  1. probing
  2. finding
  3. seeking Premium

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