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Match The Definition Multiple Choice Worksheet 7

Choose the correct word from the list of three words below, which is BEST suited for the word or expression in capital letters in each sentence:

1. The hotel owner was also a LICENCE OWNER so he was authorised to sell alcoholic drinks in his hotel.

  1. licensed
  2. licensee
  3. permitted

2. His STRONG DESIRE TO DO OR BE SOMETHING was to become a teacher.

  1. craving
  2. longing
  3. ambition

3. The wheels of the upturned bicycle continued to TURN AROUND after she had fallen off.

  1. roll
  2. move
  3. rotate

4. He has a double-barrelled surname and it is SEPARATED BY A SYMBOL.

  1. parted
  2. hyphenated
  3. joined

5. There was immense DISSENT AND DISAGREEMENT to the new rules laid down by the boss of the company.

  1. opposition
  2. annoyance
  3. uproar

6. She was VERY LOVING AND LOYAL to her children.

  1. devoted
  2. kind
  3. gentle

7. When making compost it is important to add the correct quantity of organic PHYSICAL SUBSTANCE.

  1. goods
  2. waste
  3. matter

8. The student is bright and hardworking and has great POSSIBILITY TO SUCCEED ACADEMICALLY.

  1. skill
  2. potential
  3. ability

9. After she became redundant she was under a lot of NERVOUS STRAIN.

  1. stress
  2. anxiety
  3. problems

10. She arrived at the beach and OPENED OUT her towel on the sand.

  1. put down
  2. folded
  3. spread Premium

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