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Match The Definition Multiple Choice Worksheet 6

Choose the correct word from the list of three words below, which is BEST suited for the word or expression in capital letters in each sentence:

1. The babysitter was good with the children and very TRUSTWORTHY AND RELIABLE.

  1. responsible
  2. dependable
  3. honest

2. The family were forced to RUN AWAY FROM their hometown.

  1. flee
  2. escape
  3. leave

3. With two young children and a low income, the single mother had a DIFFICULTY TO ATTAIN OR MANAGE to make ends meet.

  1. struggle
  2. effort
  3. hardship

4. The excessive pollution from the large nearby city caused the air and rivers in the surrounding area to be CONTAMINATED.

  1. ruined
  2. tainted
  3. spoilt

5. The log cabin felt very WARM AND COMFORTABLE with the log fire burning in the corner.

  1. hot
  2. relaxing
  3. cosy

6. The UNABLE TO SEE man crossed the road with the help of his guide dog.

  1. blind
  2. sightless
  3. visionless

7. She didn't have a PERSON CONNECTED BY BLOOD OR MARRIAGE in the world.

  1. family
  2. child
  3. relation

8. The water was crystal clear and FREE FROM CONTAMINATION.

  1. clean
  2. pure
  3. drinkable Premium

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