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Match The Definition Multiple Choice Worksheet 2

Choose the correct word from the list of three words below, which is BEST suited for the word or expression in capital letters in each sentence:

1. The athlete SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED her lifetime ambition when she won her gold medal.

  1. gained
  2. got
  3. accomplished

2. Paul enrolled at his local swimming club for private swimming INSTRUCTION AND TEACHING with a qualified instructor.

  1. tuition
  2. teaching
  3. school

3. The memory of their last meeting was still RECENTLY EXPERIENCED AND NOT FORGOTTEN in her mind.

  1. clear
  2. fresh
  3. foremost

4. The servant had given his employer many years of LOYAL AND STEADFAST service.

  1. reliable
  2. faithful
  3. obediant

5. The house was without lights as there was a cut in POWER THAT PROVIDES LIGHTING.

  1. water
  2. gas
  3. electricity

6. He screamed when he saw he spider as he had a FEAR of them.

  1. phobia
  2. horror
  3. nightmare

7. They said that they would COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER by email.

  1. write
  2. address
  3. correspond

8. There was a huge CHOICE of food at the breakfast buffet.

  1. variety
  2. platter
  3. spread Premium

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