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Match The Definition Multiple Choice Worksheet 1

Choose the correct word from the list of three words below, which is BEST suited for the word or expression in capital letters in each sentence:

1. They put on their red jackets and mounted their horses to go STALKING AND TRAPPING ANIMALS.

  1. chasing
  2. hunting
  3. poaching

2. The disobedient children REFUSED TO OBEY their teacher.

  1. confronted
  2. ignored
  3. defied

3. The SPECTATORS at the theatre enjoyed the show.

  1. congregation
  2. audience
  3. assembly

4. She made the CHOICE to leave home when she was eighteen.

  1. decision
  2. option
  3. resolve

5. The schoolgirl was HARASSED by the other children because she was foreign.

  1. annoyed
  2. befriended
  3. persecuted

6. When Bill won his HUGE WINNINGS on the lottery, he bought himself a yacht.

  1. fortune
  2. cash
  3. money

7. The parents failed to come to an ACCORDANCE about the children in their divorce settlement.

  1. compatibility
  2. agreement
  3. arrangement

8. The MEDICAL PRACTITIONER SPECIALISING IN CHILDREN checked the newborn child for his general health.

  1. doctor
  2. nurse
  3. paediatrician Premium

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