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Vocabulary Definitions Multiple Choice Worksheet

Choose the correct word for the following definitions:

1. To accept, approve of, excuse or overlook behaviour that is generally considered wrong.

  1. to be generous
  2. to be kind
  3. to forgive
  4. to condone

2. To try hard to do or achieve something.

  1. to embark on something
  2. to start something
  3. to endevour to do something
  4. to enjoy doing something

3. A book in which a person keeps a record of events, appointments and experiences.

  1. A diary
  2. a daily
  3. a novel
  4. a dairy

4. A series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular end.

  1. progress
  2. agenda
  3. process
  4. mechanism 

5. On or from the outside. Or relating to the external appearance of something, even if this appearance is not accurate.

  1. inside out
  2. outward
  3. exterior
  4. image

6. Relating to the body, bodily contact or activity. Relating to things which are felt through the senses rather than through the mind. Relating to natural forces.

  1. physical
  2. sensual
  3. bodily
  4. activity

7. To stop feeling anger towards someone who has done something wrong. To stop blaming someone.

  1. to be generous
  2. to be forgiving
  3. to be kind hearted
  4. to be faithful

8. Having or showing a sensible idea of what can be expected or achieved.

  1. convincing
  2. intelligent
  3. authentic
  4. realistic Premium

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