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Vocabulary Definitions Multiple Choice Worksheet 3

Choose the correct word for the following definitions:

1. Start to exist and experience. Grow and become more advanced or elaborate.

  1. build
  2. develop
  3. become
  4. commence

2. An object or asset bought or attained. The learning or development of a new skill, quality or habit.

  1. earnings
  2. gain
  3. investment
  4. acquisition

3. The action of imitating someone or something, usually to entertain or to ridicule someone.

  1. mimicry
  2. teasing
  3. copying
  4. mockery

4. Demanding the total love and attention of someone. Not willing or happy to share one's possessions.

  1. jealousy
  2. ownership
  3. possessiveness
  4. pride

5. To be in a state where one is likely to confront or attack. To behave or do something in a determined or forceful manner.

  1. violent
  2. aggressive
  3. bad tempered
  4. out of control

6. A belief, view or judgement formed about a subject, that may not be based on fact or knowledge. Advice given by an expert or professional.

  1. outlook
  2. viewpoint
  3. opinion
  4. expertise

7. A statement or expression of very strong and definite criticism or disapproval.

  1. retrograde
  2. recession
  3. compliance
  4. condemnation

8. A large and very destructive fire. A damaging war or conflict.

  1. conflagration
  2. dispute
  3. deputation
  4. confluence Premium

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