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Vocabulary Definitions Multiple Choice Worksheet 2

Choose the correct word for the following definitions:

1. Move from one place to another. To transport physically. To send.

  1. to glide
  2. to transfer
  3. to rearrange
  4. to replace

2. Able to be read or to be deciphered, legible.

  1. readable
  2. focused
  3. understandable
  4. clear

3. At a lower level or layer than. Extending or directly underneath.

  1. near
  2. above
  3. beneath
  4. next to

4. A solemn promise or undertaking. A vow or commitment.

  1. pledge
  2. agreement
  3. promise
  4. guarantee

5. Relating to recent times or the present. Contemporary or up-to-date. Advanced, recently developed techniques or style.

  1. new
  2. art
  3. inspiring
  4. modern

6. A widely held and simplified view point or idea about a particular thing or type of person.

  1. idea
  2. simplification
  3. falsehood
  4. stereotype

7. A word or phrase that has the same meaning as another word or phrase.

  1. likeness
  2. synonym
  3. resemblance
  4. similarity

8. A quantitative expression of a plan for a defined period of time.

  1. a budget
  2. a sum
  3. an addition
  4. a multiplication Premium

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