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Pronouns Multiple Choice Worksheet

The following sentences are from the Ontario Ministry of Education web site. Select the word or words that best complete the sentence.

1. Students develop the knowledge and skills ______ need to make informed choices for their education, career, and life outside school.

  1. them
  2. he
  3. they

2. The Education Act requires that school boards provide, or purchase from another board, special education programs and services for ______ exceptional pupils.

  1. its
  2. their
  3. his

3. Your involvement in the school council gives ______ the opportunity to strengthen that partnership, and to be part of a dedicated team.

  1. your
  2. his
  3. you

4. Ontario schools are offering expanded programs to ensure every child, no matter ______ learning style, succeeds.

  1. their
  2. my
  3. his or her

5. His 17-year career at this institute provided ______ with a thorough understanding of the nuclear industry in Canada.

  1. his
  2. him
  3. he

6. ______ also has ten years of progressive experience at the Ministry of Education, where she held a variety of policy director portfolios.

  1. She
  2. Her
  3. They

7. Dong moved to Toronto from mainland China with his family when ______ was 13 years old.

  1. they
  2. he
  3. she

8. Setting a fixed contribution makes it easy for students to know what is expected of ______.

  1. him
  2. her
  3. them

9. The Ontario government and ______ partners offer tutoring services for students to help them succeed.

  1. its
  2. their
  3. her

10. Homework Zone invites students to call or email questions to a teacher ______ provides answers, solutions, and tips on air.

  1. he
  2. they
  3. who Premium

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