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Past Simple Gap Fill Worksheet

Fill in the gap with the correct past tense of the verb shown in brackets.

1. I (go) ________ shopping last Saturday.

2. When I arrived home I (realise) ________ that I had lost my house keys.

3. I (hope) ________ that my daughter was at home to open the door.

4. I (ring) ________ the doorbell but there was no reply.

5. I (look) ________ through the window to see if she was there.

6. I (see) ________ her sitting on the sofa with her headphones on.

7. I (try) ________ knocking on the window.

8. She (do) ________ not see or hear me.

9. I (think) ________ about ringing my husband who had the other key.

10. Then, fortunately, she (take) ________ off her headphones and heard me knocking. Premium

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