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Out Of Place Words Multiple Choice Worksheet 2

Select the word or words in capital letters that are grammatically incorrect.

1. Linus Pauling, who WAS awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry, is associated IN vitamin C and ITS health BENEFITS.

  1. in
  2. was
  3. its
  4. benefits

2. Pauling was TOO awarded the Nobel Peace Prize FOR his efforts AS a peace ACTIVIST.

  1. for
  2. too
  3. as
  4. activist

3. The 37th Annual Fall Garden Festival, WHO is sponsored BY the Mississippi State University, WILL be HELD October 16 IN Crystal Springs.

  1. will
  2. held
  3. in
  4. who

4. Community colleges usually OFFER technical courses AND certificate programs, IN addition WITH academic courses.

  1. with
  2. offer
  3. and
  4. in

5. When he SPEAKING in Philadelphia, the Pope ADDRESSED many ISSUES, INCLUDING poverty and immigration.

  1. addressed
  2. issues
  3. speaking
  4. including

6. DO you believe AS the study OF primate behavior HELPS understand human behavior?

  1. Do
  2. of
  3. helps
  4. as

7. Lisa, WHICH major IS social work, HOPES to intern with AN international organization.

  1. which
  2. is
  3. hopes
  4. an

8. The town has YET to recover WITH the destruction CAUSED by last YEAR'S tornadoes.

  1. yet
  2. with
  3. caused
  4. year's

9. After she resigned IN the company, she BEGAN offering consulting SERVICES TO small businesses.

  1. began
  2. services
  3. in
  4. to

10. SOME lease agreements REQUIRE that the tenant PAYS a REFUNDABLE deposit.

  1. pays
  2. some
  3. require
  4. refundable Premium

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