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Noun Grammar Multiple Choice Worksheet 2

The following sentences are from the United Kingdom government web site. Select the word or words that best complete the sentence.

1. The Prime Minister welcomed the Prime Minister of Pakistan to Downing Street following ______ at the commemorations earlier this morning.

  1. attending
  2. their attendance
  3. his attending

2. The leaders took ______ to discuss a number of regional issues.

  1. an opportunity
  2. this opportunities
  3. the opportunity

3. ______ set out their support for finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

  1. A leader
  2. Leader
  3. The leaders

4. He also updated the Prime Minister on Pakistan's ______ towards a peace process.

  1. works
  2. the works
  3. work

5. The Prime Minister said that it was the wider ______ interest to see a close working relationship between both countries.

  1. region's
  2. regions'
  3. region

6. Today we stand together to honor ______ of the thousands of men and women who served our country.

  1. the bravery and sacrifices
  2. the braveries and sacrifices
  3. a bravery and sacrifice

7. We also pay tribute to the outstanding contribution of our civilians and aid workers who continue to risk their ______ in the service of others.

  1. life
  2. lives
  3. lifes

8. We are equipping all three of our services with the best and most modern military hardware ______ can buy.

  1. monies
  2. the monies
  3. money

9. It is important to go ahead with the plans for increased ______.

  1. sanctions
  2. sanction
  3. sanctioning

10. Britain is clear that there cannot be a military ______ to the conflict.

  1. solving
  2. solution
  3. solutions Premium

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