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Modal Verbs Multiple Choice Worksheet

Select the word or words that best complete the sentence.

1. Pregnant women who suffer from anemia ______ supplements to raise the level of iron in their blood.

  1. must to give
  2. given
  3. must be given

2. The study indicates that we ______ increase coverage of supplementation.

  1. should try to
  2. try to
  3. must to try to

3. The authors noted that their results ______ pregnant women in other low- and middle-income countries.

  1. might to apply to
  2. apply
  3. might apply to

4. The effect on birth weight ______ depending on the prevalence of iron deficiency.

  1. can vary
  2. can to vary
  3. will to vary

5. A new, low-cost tool ______ developing-world cities control pollution that kills millions each year.

  1. may to help
  2. may help
  3. may have to help

6. What are some of the best practices that health and emergency responders ______ in mind when using social media?

  1. should to keep
  2. should keep
  3. will to keep

7. I ______ rather listen to country music than to jazz.

  1. should
  2. will
  3. would

8. Joan was absent from school today. She ______ sick.

  1. could be
  2. can be
  3. could to be

9. ______ you mind if my sister joined us for lunch?

  1. May
  2. Would
  3. Should

10. George takes tennis lessons. He ______ play tennis.

  1. can
  2. may
  3. might Premium

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