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Gerund or Infinitive Gap Fill Worksheet

Fill in the gap using the infinitive or -'ing' form of the verb in brackets.

1. He promised ________ the dog tonight. (walk)

2. I'm not in the mood for ________ the dog tonight. (walk)

3. I'm ________ all the way to Paris today. (drive)

4. Would you be able ________ me to Paris today ? (drive)

5. I'm going ________ a pizza takeaway for tonight. (order)

6. I am just ________ a pizza takeaway for tonight. (order)

7. I was just ________ about you when you called. (think)

8. I need ________ about calling you more often. (think)

9. I was ________ shopping but I've decided to go to the hairdresser's instead. (go)

10. I am going ________ shopping tomorrow. (go) Premium

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