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Adjective Forms Multiple Choice Worksheet

Choose the correct superlative adjective for the adjective shown in CAPITALS.

1. This is the GOOD holiday I've ever had.

  1. best
  2. most good

2. This is the FUNNY film that I've ever seen.

  1. funniest
  2. funnyest

3. This is the BAD accident that I've ever witnessed.

  1. most bad
  2. worst

4. This is the EXCITING experience of my life.

  1. most exciting
  2. excitingest

5. She was the BEAUTIFUL girl in her class.

  1. beautifulest
  2. most beautiful

6. He drives the MODERN car.

  1. modernest
  2. most modern

7. She drives the FAST car.

  1. fastest
  2. most fast

8. She owns the EXPENSIVE car.

  1. expensivest
  2. most expensive

9. My wedding day was the HAPPY day of my life.

  1. happiest
  2. happyest

10. It was the FAR I'd ever been away from home.

  1. most far
  2. farthest Premium

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