Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary Exercise: Multiple Choice Exercise 2

For each question, choose which of the four possible answers fits the space best and write THE CORRECT LETTER into the empty box. Also think about why the other three answers are not possible.

1. It is traditional in the West for the couple to exchange during the wedding ceremony.
a. bracelets
b. jewels
c. diamonds
d. rings

2. Don't stand on the chair like that! That chair is not very !
a. safe
b. settled
c. calm
d. fixed

3. What is that marvellous coming from the kitchen? Is someone making bread?
a. smell
b. sniff
c. taste
d. sense

4. It has been three hours since Kate went out to the supermarket. I am starting to feel a little .
a. nervous
b. terrified
c. worried
d. shy

5. John will fail his exams because he has a terrible . He thinks he just has to go to the lessons and he will pass! He never studies.
a. aptitude
b. intelligence
c. talent
d. attitude

6. Can you come around to our place on Saturday to Carl for us, please? We would like to go to the cinema that evening.
a. care
b. babysit
c. take up
d. look for

7. I went to see the bank manager this morning to see if I could $500 and he said no!!
a. lend
b. borrow
c. give
d. take

8. Make sure you clean the after you finish cooking. Yesterday, the floor was disgusting!
a. kitchen
b. cook
c. cooker
d. food

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