Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary Exercise: Opposites of Adjectives

Read the sentence and then choose the adjective from the list that means the opposite. Write the correct letter in the box.

  1. quiet
  2. slow
  3. generous
  4. energetic
  5. pretty
  6. brave
  7. rich
  8. weak

1. Leo is such a cowardly dog. He's scared of everything!


2. This is a very fast car. It goes nearly 200mph.


3. Susan is a mean girl. She never gives me anything.


4. In the morning, I'm so lazy. I just want to sleep.


5. That building is so ugly. Gray and ugly!


6. The party is too noisy. The police are coming!


7. My country is very poor. It doesn't have a lot of money.


8. That bull is very strong. Look at his muscles.


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