English Vocabulary Exercises - Elementary

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Adverbs Opposites Matching Quiz
Matching quiz to practice adverbs and their opposites.
Exercise Number: 1V38

Food And Cooking - Odd One Out Exercise
Look at these food and cooking words, which one is different?
Exercise Number: 1V21

Furniture - Odd One Out Exercise
Many words for furniture, which one is the odd one out?
Exercise Number: 1V22

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Amounts of Food and Liquid
Can you have a packet of gas? Or a dish of orange juice?
Exercise Number: 1V18

Descriptive Adjectives Gap Fill Quiz
Tall or wide? Narrow or high? This gap fill exercise will help you with these words.
Exercise Number: 1V32

Food & Drink Gap Fill Quiz
Each answer in this quiz is a food or drink word.
Exercise Number: 1V27

Food Colors Matching Quiz
Match the different foods with their colors.
Exercise Number: 1V37

Common Verbs Matching Quiz
Matching exercise to practice using common verbs like "do", "make" and "get".
Exercise Number: 1V36

Weather Sentences Matching Quiz
Match the sentence halves to makes sentences about the weather.
Exercise Number: 1V68

Months of Year Matching Quiz
Match each month with the month that follows.
Exercise Number: 1V69

Weather & Nature Words Matching Quiz
Match the weather/nature words with their definitions.
Exercise Number: 1V58

Personality Adjectives Gap Fill Quiz
This quiz will help you with personlity adjectives.
Exercise Number: 1V31

Which School Subject?
Read what the teacher says - what school subject is it?
Exercise Number: 1V29

Verbs of Movement Gap Fill Quiz
Choose the right verb of movement to complete each sentence.
Exercise Number: 1V61

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