Phrasal Verbs S

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Split Up

Break a relationship with somebody.
Have you heard that Joe has split up with Mandy?


Stake Out

Watch a place carefully.
The police are staking out that café across the street looking for the suspect.

Stake Something On

Gamble something on.
I staked my whole life on building that house.


Stand By

1. Be ready for action.
The British aircraft carrier HMS Dougal is standing by awaiting government orders.
2. Not act in a situation.
Don't stand by while someone is insulting your wife.
3. Support, agree with somebody.
If it comes to an argument, you know I will stand by you.

Stand Down

Resign from a job, position.
After the scandal, the minister had no option but to stand down.

Stand For

1. Represent, support.
This company stands for family values.
2. Mean (abbreviations)
NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
3. Tolerate.
I won't stand for your bad attitude any longer.
4. Contest an election.
Max Miller is standing for mayor in the city elections.

Stand In

Substitute someone.
Henry is standing in for Edward who is ill today.

Stand Out

Be obvious in comparison with something else.
Her great work this year has helped her to stand out from the rest of the office.

Stand Somebody Up

(Informal) Not to go on a date with someone.
I waited for an hour before I accepted that he had stood me up.


Start Back

Start journey home.
It's time we started back. Look at the time.

Start Off

I want to start off by talking about the history of this building.

Start Out

Start on a journey.
We started out from Boston.


Stay Away

Keep distant from.
Stay away from my daughter. I don't trust you.

Stay In

Not to go out.
I don' feel well tonight. I think I will stay in.

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Step Up

1. Approach something.
Step up to the microphone Derek. Sing us a song.
2. Increase.
We need to step up your vitamin intake, Mrs. Jones.

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