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This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Sink In

Become absorbed.
The news of his promotion took a long time to sink in.


Sit Back

Not to get involved.
How can you sit back while thousands are dying in Africa every day from hunger.

Sit In

Stay in factory, university and refuse to work, study.
Students at the local university are sitting in until the authorities promise better studying conditions.

Sit Out

1. Not to participate.
This game looks a bit rough. I'll sit it out.
2. Stay until the end.
The play was terrible but I sat it out.


Slam On

Apply quickly, abruptly.
I saw the old lady crossing the road and managed to slam on the brakes just in time.


Sleep Around

(Informal) Have many sexual relationships.
She doesn't know her boyfriend sleeps around. She'll be heartbroken if she finds out.

Sleep In

Stay in bed longer than usual.
It's Sunday today so you can sleep in for a while.

Sleep Off

Recover from effects of something by sleeping.
He drank too much whiskey and has gone to bed to sleep it off.

Sleep On

1. Continue sleeping.
Let him sleep on - it's only seven o'clock.
2. Leave a decision till the next day.
I can't make up my mind which one I want. I will sleep on it.


Slip Up

(Informal) Make a mistake.
He really slipped up buying that car. It's falling to pieces!


Snap Out Of

Stop acting in a stupid, immature way.
Stop feeling so sorry for yourself so much. Come on - snap out of it!

Snap Up

Take possession of something quickly and enthusiastically.
That car is a great bargain. You should snap it up.

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Soak Through

Wet totally, completely.
That rain storm last night soaked me through.

Soak Up

Absorb information, atmosphere, etc.
We spent two weeks in Paris soaking up the culture, the language, the food. It was marvelous.

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