Phrasal Verbs P - R

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Range Over

Cover a wide spectrum of topics.
His talked ranged over everything from zoology to anthropology.


Reach Out

Make contact with a person or group.
I have tried to reach out to Mandy but she is just too depressed.


Read Back

Read something you have written to check it.
I read back over my report and it was full of silly errors.

Read Into

Find a meaning in something that is not intended.
I read into his statement that he feels very guilty.

Read Up

Study something.
I have to read up as much as possible about beer-making.


Reckon On

Take into account.
We made dinner for only three people. We didn't reckon on my sisters coming too.

Reckon With

Deal with.
If you treat my daughter badly, you'll have me to reckon with.


Rent Out

Hire one's possessions to someone.
I will have to rent out the spare room to make some money.


Ride On

Gamble, risk money on something.
I have nearly a million dollars riding on that land deal.

Ride Out

Survive bad weather or a terrible situation.
The fishermen rode out the storm in a small bay and then sailed on.

Ride Up

(Clothes) Move up the body.
This skirt rides up too much.

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