Phrasal Verbs P - R

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Pull Ahead

Go in front of someone.
Thanks to his faster car, Mallin is now pulling ahead in the race.

Pull In

1. Stop a vehicle for a time.
We were tired from the journey so we pulled in for a couple of hours.
2. (Informal) Attract a crowd.
The new band pulled in a lot of people for their recent concert.

Pull Off

1. Drive a car off a road.
Pull off here. This is our exit.
2. Succeed in a risky deal, gamble, etc.
Despite all the risks, we pulled off a great deal.

Pull Over

Drive a car to the side of the road.
The police asked him to stop the car and pull over.

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Pull Round

Make a person conscious again.
The sound of his wife's voice pulled him round.

Pull Through

Survive a traumatic experience.
The illness looked serious at one point but she pulled through.

Pull Up

1. Stop a vehicle at a certain place.
She pulled up at the school and waited for her son.
2. (Informal) Indicate that someone's behavior, language, clothes is unacceptable.
He pulled me up on my use of the past tense.


Push Ahead

Continue working.
We must push ahead if we want to finish this house by summer.

Push On

Like Push Ahead.

Push Through

Get a piece of legislation, a proposal accepted.
The government tried to push through a law allowing extra military spending.


Put About

Spread gossip.
You shouldn't believe everything he puts about.

Put Across

Explain something to someone.
He didn't put his plan across very well and left everyone confused.

Put Away

1. (And "put aside") Save money, supplies for later.
I am trying to put aside ten dollars a week for my summer vacation.
2. Put in prison.
The judge put him away for ten years.
3. Put in a box.
It's dinner time now - put your toys away.

Put Back

Delay, postpone.
Due to a death in the family, the dinner party was put back a week.

Put By

Same as Put Away (1.)

Put Down

1. Mercifully kill a pet who is old, ill.
We had our cat put down last year. It was 17 years old but very ill.
2. Allow person to leave vehicle.
Put me down here Nigel, I can walk. It's only just around the corner.
3. Sign as a different person.
She put herself down as "Mrs. Johnson".
4. Ridicule someone.
Never put me down in public like that again.
5. Write something in a book, diary, etc.
I'll put that address down on this piece of paper.
6. Regard something as a reason for something else.
We can put his poor performance down to tiredness, I believe.

Put Forward

Propose an idea.
He put forward the suggestion of expanding abroad.

Put Off

1. Same as Put Down (2.)
2. Cause a person to lose interest in something.
When I saw what she was putting on the cake, it really put me off.
3. Delay a meeting, game, etc.
The match was put off until the pitch dried out.

Put On

1. Add money, weight.
She has put on a lot of weight since Christmas.
2. Fabricated for effect.
He put on a sophisticated accent to try and impress her.

Put Out

1. Disturb somebody.
If I arrive late, I hope it won't put you out.
2. Transmit.
The controversial film was put out by Channel 4.
3. Issue a statement.
The government put out a statement denying all responsibility.

Put Through

1. Connect on the phone.
If you wait a moment, I will put you through to the main office.
2. Cause someone to suffer.
The old headmaster really put his student through it during the grammar lesson.

Put To

I put it to her that maybe she would lose weight if she ate less.

Put Towards

Contribute financially.
The proceeds from this contest will be put towards the cost of a new roof.

Put Up

1. Provide accommodation for someone.
If you visit me, I will put you up.
2. Increase prices.
They have put up the price of petrol.
3. Offer action, resistance.
He lost finally but had put up a good fight.
4. Encourage someone to do something.
I was put up to come here by my friends. I didn't want to!
5. Suffer, tolerate.
I can't put up with that loud music anymore.


Rake In

Earn a lot of money.
That man selling chocolate underwear is raking it in!

Rake Up

Talk about a painful experience from the past.
Why does he keep raking up my divorce?

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