Phrasal Verbs G - I

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Hand Back

To give something back to the owner.
When he realized the wallet was John's, he handed it back.

Hand Down

1. Pass to next generation.
The old house was handed down to him by his eccentric aunt.
2. (Legal). Give a sentence to a criminal.
The judge handed down a heavy fine to the burglar.

Hand In

Give something to an official because it is finished, found or unwanted.
Can all room keys be handed in to reception by midday on day of departure.

Hand Out

1. Distribute.
The teacher handed out the exams while the students waited nervously.
2. Give aid to poor people, refugees.
The army helped to hand out supplies to the flood victims.

Hand Over

1. Give something to someone.
I handed over the gun to the policeman.
2. Give a criminal to the authorities that pursue them.
The Danish police handed the serial killer over to the French authorities.

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Hang Around/About

Stand or wait doing nothing.
There's a large group of teenagers hanging about near the post office.

Hang Behind

Stay in a place after other people have left.
The teacher asked me to hang behind to speak to her about the homework.

Hang On

Hang on John. I'm nearly ready. Just need to comb my hair.

Hang Out

Be in a place, frequent a place often.
Try looking for him at the "Rose and Crown" pub. He hangs out there in the afternoons.

Hang Up

End a phone conversation.
When I started telling her about her bad habits, she just hung up.


Have In

Organize for builders, decorators to visit the house.
The television is broke, but we are having someone in next week to fix it.

Have On

Trick or deceive a person.
Three hundred dollars for that vase! Are you having me on?!

Have Out

Discuss an issue angrily.
I can't believe he didn't finish this before the deadline! I'll have it out with him on Monday morning.

Have Over/Round

Invite someone for dinner at your house.
We had the Smiths over for dinner last night. What a terribly boring couple they are!


Head For

Go, move towards a place.
If we head for that mountain, we should reach it by nightfall.

Head Off

1. Block, get in front of something, someone.
The army headed off the enemy at the mountain pass.
2. (Informal) Leave a place.
Come on. It's late. Let's head off.


Hear About

Be told about a person or thing.
Have you heard about Wayne's party on Saturday? Are you coming?

Hear From

Receive communication from someone, get letter, postcard, phone call, etc.
Have you heard from your uncle Dan recently?

Hear Of

1. Receive information about.
I've heard of cats with no tails but never dogs!
2. (Always negative). Refuse help politely.
Jane offered to pay half of the cost of the party! I won't hear of it!!

Hear Out

Listen to someone until they finish.
Excuse me, can I continue please. Oh! Hear me out!

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