Phrasal Verbs G - I

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Go By Something

Use something to help you.
Going by my watch, it's nearly six o'clock.

Go Down With

1.Become ill with.
Listen to that cough of yours. You are coming down with flu I think.
2. Be accepted by someone in a positive or negative way.
His story about the naked nun didn't go down well with the vicar, did it?

Go For

1. Apply equally.
What he said about not working on Sundays goes for me too!
2. To be attracted to something, somebody.
She really goes for thin men, especially bald ones.
3. Sell for.
The Van Gogh sketch went for over a thousand pounds at the auction.

Go Off

1. Food which goes bad, unsuitable for consumption.
Milk goes off in a few hours on a hot day if left out of the fridge.
2. To proceed, happen.
The meeting went off well for all concerned.
3. Lose interest in someone, something.
I've gone off milk ever since I saw that documentary on cows.
4. To sound (a machine), explode (a bomb).
My alarm clock didn't go off this morning and I overslept.

Go On About

Speak too much about something, often a problem.
Hilda does go on about her hip operation, doesn't she?

Go On (To Do)

Proceed to do something after something else.
After studying history at university, she went on to work in a museum.

Go On Doing

She went on studying until she finally graduated in 1998.

Go Over

1. To be received.
His speech didn't go over too well with the elderly audience.
2. Check, examine a piece of work.
Let's go over that report again before we submit it.
3. Change political loyalty.
He went over to the liberals after the taxation row.

Go Through

1. Go through all supplies of something.
Last winter, we went through 100 kilos of wood for the fire.
2. Discuss or examine something.
Let's go through your account of what happened, shall we?
3. Suffer stress, difficult period, etc.
She went through a lot after her mother died suddenly.
4. Qualify for next part of a tournament, competition.
The team surprised everyone by going through to the semi finals.

Go Towards

Contribute towards the cost of something.
All fines collected by the police for speeding will go towards building a new school for the children of the village.

Go Without

Suffer the absence of something.
I will have to go without a holiday this year. I have no money at all!

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Grow Into

1. Develop/change into something after time.
Alice will grow into a beautiful woman in a few years.
2. Increase in size until clothing fits.
It's a bit big for her but she'll grow into it.

Grow On

Become more attractive after time.
I hated Sue when I first met her, but she does grow on you after a while.

Grow Up

1. Develop into an adult.
When I grow up, I want to be a train driver.
2. Act like an adult.
Tom needs to grow up and realize that you can't tell lies all the time about your friends.

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