Phrasal Verbs A - B

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Bundle Up

Put together into a group
When his house caught fire, he bundled up his belongings as fast as possible.


Burn Out

Someone who works too much and exhausts self.
John will burn himself out if he doesn't take a vacation soon.


Burst In

Enter, appear suddenly.
He burst in the room and caught me looking at his old photos.

Burst Into

Start suddenly to laugh, cry, sing, etc.
I knew she was happy when she suddenly burst into song without any warning.

Burst Out

Start suddenly to laugh, cry, sing, etc.
She burst out laughing when she first saw the photo.

Burst With

Have a large amount of something, an emotion.
When his son got into Oxford University, he was bursting with pride.


Butt In

When I am speaking, don't ever butt in. I lose my train of thought completely.


Butter Up

Praise a person, flatter.
He is buttering up the boss as he is after a pay rise.


Buy Off

Pay a person so they will not act against you.
He would have gone to prison, but he managed to buy off the only witness in the case.

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