Phrasal Verbs A - B

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Bring About

To cause to happen.
The new government brought about economic reforms.

Bring Along

Help and Encourage.
This warm weather will bring the vegetables in the garden along.

Bring Back

1. Re-introduce
Many worry that the government will bring back higher taxes.
2. Cause to remember
Seeing his ex-wife bought back everything about their painful divorce.

Bring Something Forward

Change meeting or appointment to an earlier date.
I can't come on Friday. Let's bring the meeting forward to Wednesday.

Bring In

1. Take a person to the police, into custody.
Sergeant, bring him in before he robs any more banks!
2. Invite someone to join a plan.
We need to bring in a computer expert for this task.
3. Earn
The sales department will bring in over half of our profits this year.

Bring Off

Manage to do something difficult.
I never thought she would do it, but she brought it off!

Bring On

Cause, encourage
The cold weather brought on his flu and he was powerless to stop it.

Bring Something Out

1. Publish, Introduce.
I heard Microsoft are bringing out a revolutionary new computer next year.
2. Produce an effect
Drinking whiskey brings out the very worst in him. Don't give it to him.
3. Show a particular feature, detail
That make-up really brings out your best features. You should wear it more often.

Bring Round

1. Help to regain consciousness.
He fainted but the doctor brought him round with a tot of whiskey.
2. Persuade someone to share your opinion.
He was against the idea but I brought him round when I mentioned the expected profits.
3. Invite and accompany someone.
If your wife isn't doing anything tonight, why not bring her round for dinner.

Bring Through

Help to survive, cope, manage.
Only the expert medical attention she received during her illness brought her through.

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Bring Up

1. Care for and educate a child.
She had six children and she brought them all up in exactly the same way.
2. Cause to be talked about.
Don't bring up his divorce! He is still very unhappy about it. Talk about anything but that!
3. Vomit.
Her baby is still ill. He keeps bringing up his milk and she is very worried.

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