You Gotta Be     Des'ree

1. Listen and:
a. Identify the wrong word in each line
b. Write the correct word

Listen as your life unfolds
Challenge what your future holds
Try and keep your head up to the stars
Lovers, they may bring you tears
Look ahead release your fears
Stand still and be counting
Don't be ashamed to speak

2. Look at the words in the square. Listen and number the words in the order you hear them:

You gotta be....

Bad Hard
Bold Wiser
Stronger Cool
Tough Calm

All I know all I know is love will save the day

3. Match the two halves of the lines

Herald what in your own sweet time
Reading the books more cash than you
Try to solve the puzzles a different view
Some may have your mother said
Others take your father read

My oh my, hey hey hey

4. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word:

_________ asks no questions, it goes on ____________ you
Leaving you ____________ if you can't ______________ the pace
The ___________ you can't stop it, and if you ____________ to
The best part is ___________ staring you in the face
Oh oh remember Premium

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