Sex Bomb     Tom Jones

The song has been divided into 5 blocks, in each block there is a category of words that does not appear.

A. Pre-listening activity:

Before listening to the song, try to write the words in their order.

1. Look for the rhyming words: fight - satellite - night - fight - right

Spy on me baby use a ______________
Infrared to see me move through the ______________
I'm gonna fire shoot me _____________
I'm gonna like the way you ___________
And I love the way you _______________

2. In this section look for the following pronouns/possessive adjetives: You (7) - Me - (5) - I (2) - My

Now ______ found the secret code
____ use to wash away ______ lonely blues well
So ______ can't deny or lie cause ______ 're a
Sexbomb, sexbomb, _______'re a sexbomb,
_____ can give it to ______ when I need to come along, give it to ______
Sexbomb, sexbomb, _______'re my sexbomb
And baby you can turn _____ on, baby you can turn _____ on

_____ know what you're doing to ______ don't you.
I know _______ do

3. Now, the following verbs are missing: Make - Made - Do - Get - Can - Must - Go - Help - Say - Holding

No don't _____ me wrong ain't gonna _____ you no harm no
This bomb's ______ for loving and you _____ shoot it far
I'm your main target come and _____ me ignite
Love struck ______ you tight hold me tight darling
______ me explode although you know the route to _____ to sex me slow slow baby
And yes
I _______ react to claims of those who _____ that you are not all that

4. Chorus (x2)

5. In this final section you have to find out what the missing adjectives and particles are: Real - More (2) - Down - Out

You can give me _____ and ______ continuing up the score
You can turn me upside _____ inside _______
You can make me feel the ______ deal
I can give it to you any time because you're mine

B. Post-listening Activity: Do you know the meaning of....?
- Gonna
- Ain't
- Get wrong
- Wash Away
- Target Premium

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