If I Were A Rich Man

If I Were A Rich Man,
Daidle, Deedle, Daidle, Digguh,
Digguh, Deedle, Daidle, Dum.
All Day Long I`D Biddy, Biddy Bum,
If I Were A Wealthy Man.
Wouldn`T Have To Work Hard,
Daidle, Deedle, Daidle, Digguh,
Digguh, Deedle, Daidle, Dum.
If I Were A Biddy, Biddy Rich,
Digguh, Digguh, Deedle, Daidle Man.

I`d Build A Big Tall House With Rooms By The Dozen,
Right In The Middle Of The Town;
A Fine Tin Roof With Real Wooden Floors Below.
There Could Be One Long Stair Case Just Going Up
And One Even Longer Coming Down;
And One More Leading Nowhere Just For Show.
I'd Fill My Yard With Chicks And Turkeys
And Geese And Ducks
For The Town To See And Hear;
Squawking Just As Noisily As They Can.
And Each Loud Quack And Cluck And Gobble And Honk
Will Land Like A Trumpet On The Ear;
As If To Say Here Lives A Wealthy Man.


I See My Wife Golde Looking Like A Rich Man`S Wife
With A Proper Double Chin;
Supervising Meals To Her Heart`S Delight.
I See Her Putting On Airs
And Strutting Like A Peacock
Oy! What A Happy Mood She`S In.
Screaming At The Servants Day And Night.

The Most Important Men In Town Will Come To Fawn On Me;
They Will Ask Me To Advise Them,
Like Soloman The Wise,
`If You Please, Reb Tevye, Pardon Me, Reb Tevye.`
Posing Problems That Would Cross A Rabbi`s Eyes.
Boi, Boi, Boi, Boi, Boi, Boi, Boi, Boi, Boi.
And It Won`T Make One Bit Of Diff`Rence
If I Answer Right Or Wrong?
When You`Re Rich, They Think You Really Know.

If I Were Rich, I'd Have The Time That I Lack,
To Sit In A Synagogue And Pray;
And Maybe Have A Seat By The Eastern Wall.
And I'd Discuss The Holy Books With The Learned Men Seven Hours Ev`Ry Day;
This Would Be The Sweetest Thing Of All.


Lord, Who Made The Lion And The Lamb,
You Decreed I Should Be What I Am;
Would It Spoil Some Vast Eternal Plan,
If I Were A Wealthy Man?

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