Common Misspellings In English

How do you spell...? A common question not only for ESL students, but for their teachers too who have a great need to avoid spelling mistakes. Below you'll find a list of the most common misspellings in English.

If you like to think of yourself as a good speller, unlikely to be tripped up by a Fahrenheit or a recommendation, head over to our tough spelling quiz.

Common Misspelling Correct Spelling
accomodation or acommodation accommodation
acheive achieve
accross across
adress address
agressive aggressive
alot a lot
apparantly apparently
appearence appearance
arguement argument
assasination assassination
basicly basically
beggining beginning
beleive believe
bizzare bizarre
buisness business
Carribean Caribbean
chauffer chauffeur
cemetary cemetery
collegue colleague
commitee committee
committment commitment
completly completely
concious conscious
copywrite copyright
curiousity curiosity
decaffinated decaffeinated
definately definitely
dependance dependence
desireable desirable
diarhea diarrhoea
dissapoint disappoint
dissapear disappear
dispell dispel
ecstacy ecstasy
embarass embarrass
enviroment environment
Farenheit Fahrenheit
Febuary February
finaly finally
fluoroscent fluorescent
flouride fluoride
foriegn foreign
forteen fourteen
fourty forty
freind friend
geneology genealogy
glamourous glamorous
goverment government
grammer grammar
happend happened
hemorage haemorrhage
heros heroes
hight height
humourous humorous
hygeine hygiene
idiosyncracy idiosyncrasy
independance independence
interupt interrupt
intresting interesting
juge judge
knowlege knowledge
lazer laser
liason liaison
libary library
lightening lightning
lollypop lollipop
millenium millennium
mischievious mischievous
mispell misspell
monkies monkeys
morgage mortgage
neccessary necessary
neice niece
noone no one or no-one
noticable noticeable
occassion occasion
occured occurred
oppurtunity opportunity
paralell parallel
pasttime pastime
peice piece
persistant persistent
persue pursue
pharoah pharaoh
Portugese Portuguese
posession possession
potatoe potato
preceeding preceding
prefered preferred
pronounciation pronunciation
propoganda propaganda
privelige privilege
publically publicly
rasberry raspberry
recieve receive
reccomend recommend
rythm rhythm
shedule schedule
seige siege
sentance sentence
seperate separate
sieze seize
sincerly sincerely
supercede supersede
suprise surprise
tatoo tattoo
tendancy tendency
thier their
threshhold threshold
tommorrow tomorrow
truely truly
untill until
vaccuum vacuum
vegeterian vegetarian
Wendesday Wednesday
whereever wherever
wierd weird
writen written Premium

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