Grammar Identification Test

Each question comprises a grammatical term. Choose the answer which is an example of this term.

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1. Quantifier

    the dog is cold

    this dog is cold

    some dogs are cold

    my dog is cold

2. reflexive pronoun

    he did it

    they looked at each other

    they looked at themselves

    we both did it

3. partitive numeral

    some of the potatoes are bad

    a third of the class failed the test

    few people understand him

    many more don't like him

4. countable noun

    the information was useless

    which music do you like?

    I saw him the last time we went

    too much time has been wasted

5. ellipsis

    'Do you swim?' 'I used to.'

    It's very hot, isn't it?

    Blame me, why don't you!

    Come over here and speak to me.

6. polar question

    why did you do it?

    I wanted to know what time the train was.

    did she do it?

7. Future perfect continuous

    We will have made up most of the time by then

    We will be looking forward to a long partnership

    I will have been doing this job for six years.

    She won't have seen him before tonight.

8. intransitive verb

    She set the table in double quick time.

    We were set another test today in class.

    The sun set behind the hills and everyone left for home.

    She set up the company in 1988.

9. imperative

    John came over very quickly

    John, come here please.

    Coming over, John winked at me.

10. interjection

    Can I just interrupt you for one moment.

    Hey, that's my car!

    Stop it before I tell your mother!

11. Onomatopoeia





12. gradable adjective





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