Pronunciation >> Pronunciation Materials >> Students have to find the silent letter in each of these words. Can help students get to grips with complicated English spelling.

Silent Letters Worksheet 3

Which letter in these words is silent?

1. align

   a. l

   b. g

   c. n

2. Wednesday

   a. w

   b. d

   c. n

   d. s

3. castle

   a. s

   b. t

   c. l

4. thumb

   a. t

   b. m

   c. b

5. rendezvous

   a. n

   b. d

   c. z

   d. v

6. know

   a. k

   b. n

   c. o

7. guest

   a. u

   b. s

   c. t

8. sword

   a. w

   b. r

   c. d Premium

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