Pronunciation >> Pronunciation Materials >> Students have to put words and stress patterns together so they match, as in real dominoes. For example, /..*../ would go next to 'university', etc, etc.

Pronunciation Dominoes

As in normal dominoes, like pairs must be put together. Here, the stress pattern of the word is being tested. Obviously, you can make many more of these dominoes. So, for example, 'computer' can be put next to " .*. " - the correct stress pattern is found on the same line on this page, but they will obviously all get mixed up when you cut up the cards.

university ..*..
unbelievable ..*..
total *.
school *
photographer .*..
obvious *..
magazine ..*
Japanese ..*
interesting *..
hotel .*
honest *.
computer .*.
complete .*
psychology .*..
California ..*..
smile *
Australia .*..
united .*.
telephonist .*..
amazing .*. Premium

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