Pronunciation >> Pronunciation Materials >> You can use whatever pictures you want depending on the vocabulary involved. One student or group finds a particular phoneme in their picture: /i:/ for 'tree' and challenges the other student or team to find the same phoneme in their picture. Points are awarded for successful challenges or if the other student chooses a word that doesn't have that phoneme asked for.

Sounds In Pictures

Students or groups are given one picture each and they challenge each other to find words with certain phonemes in. If one team finds a sound which the other team can't, it's a point. This is good practice of both vocabulary and pronunciation.

For example:

Group A: OK, we have /r/ with receptionist.
Group B: We don't have /r/. Oh, yes. We have /r/ with roof.

The game can be adapted for any level of vocabulary. Try to use pictures with a similar number of objects in them such as these two.

Picture A

pronunciation, phonetics, intonation, stress, teaching pronunciation

Picture B

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