Pronunciation >> Pronunciation Materials >> The teacher models the sentence 'What is your name?' in a variety of ways and students have to choose the most appropriate word from this sheet. Good for focusing students' attention on the importance of intonation.

What is your name???

This activity can be done in pairs or as a group to group game. One student or group chooses an adjective from the table and tries to say the sentence "What's your name?" in that manner and the other student or group has to guess which adjective is being 'acted'. It's a good idea if the teacher demonstrates this activity quite a lot at the beginning and the activity could be a teacher-centred one the first time. Of course, you can easily change the target sentence or the adverbs.

Bored Angry Over Interested
Shy Worried Doubtful
Pleased Surprised Smug
Disinterested Drunk In a hurry
Afraid Upset Embarrassed Premium

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