C2 Proficiency (CPE) >> Open Cloze Worksheets >> The second part of the 'Reading and Use of English' paper in the C2 Proficiency Examination is open cloze, in which students must use only one word to fill each space in a short text. The required words are usually grammatical, such as pronouns, articles, relative pronouns, prepositions, auxiliary verbs and so on.

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Open Cloze Worksheet 16

For each space, choose ONE word which you think best completes the sentence. Look carefully at the words both before and after each space.

1. His decision to resign _____________ to prove to be the most significant one he had ever made.

2. When it comes _____________ to it, all that matters is your happiness and wellbeing.

3. Everyone, with the _____________ of the eldest daughter, was present at the family picnic.

4. He plays the guitar as _____________ his life depended on it.

5. After months of planning and hard work, their dream project of running their own business finally _____________ shape.

6. I'd always wanted to see my hero _____________ action, performing live on stage. And then it happened!

7. _____________ most people don't realise is that the process of grief can take even decades.

8. The shipment was unloaded _____________ hand because the mechanical equipment was out of order.

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