C2 Proficiency (CPE) >> Multiple Choice Cloze Worksheets >> The first part of the 'Reading and Use of English' paper in the C2 Proficiency Examination is multiple choice cloze where students have to choose the correct word from four similar given words.

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Multiple Choice Cloze Worksheet 8 - Answer Sheet

This exercise type tests use of idioms, collocations, phrasal verbs and semantic precision in general. For each question below, choose the best answer from the four possibilities. Think also about why the other three choices are NOT possible.

1. Four bedroom house for sale. Large garden. Close to _____________. Reduced for quick sale.
a. facilities
b. amenities
c. equipment
d. utilities

2. This is a great example of the Yellow Eared Rabbit, a rabbit _____________ to this part of Portugal and not found anywhere else in the world.
a. special
b. strange
c. peculiar
d. particular

3. The manageress arrived late and in a foul mood, going by the _____________ on her face.
a. frown
b. beam
c. scowl
d. grimace

4. Jenkins! Yes, you _____________ at the back of the class. If you find this whole episode so funny, why don't you come up to the front and explain to everyone exactly why!
a. frowning
b. grinning
c. glancing
d. glimpsing

5. We don't know if anyone will come to the warehouse this evening or not to move the stolen money, so just be on the _____________ for any strange activity at all.
a. guard
b. hunt
c. lookout
d. search

6. Though the hotel was a real _____________ place with cracked windows, freezing draughts and creaking floorboards, the staff were just wonderful and we had a great time all in all.
a. down-and-out
b. downcast
c. run-down
d. runaway

7. Mother arrived home eventually at 5pm, _____________ with grocery bags, having been out shopping for nearly three hours.
a. burdened
b. full
c. stocked
d. laden

8. I picked up these _____________ from the travel agents today. They have a great offer on cruises to Turkey for the end of April!
a. leaflets
b. manifestoes
c. brochures
d. programmes

9. I first saw my father on the _____________ at the docks after he had disembarked from a troop ship in 1945 at the end of the war. I was four years old.
a. platform
b. quayside
c. kerb
d. marina

10. When getting onto a metro or standard train, you should always be careful of the _____________ between the station platform and the train itself. This can be up to 15cm in distance.
a. drop
b. gap
c. empty
d. void

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