C2 Proficiency (CPE) >> Multiple Choice Cloze Worksheets >> The first part of the 'Reading and Use of English' paper in the C2 Proficiency Examination is multiple choice cloze where students have to choose the correct word from four similar given words.

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Multiple Choice Cloze Worksheet 13

This exercise type tests use of idioms, collocations, phrasal verbs and semantic precision in general. For each question below, choose the best answer from the four possibilities. Think also about why the other three choices are NOT possible.

1. I didn't break anything when I fell over, but I ended up with a great purple _____________ on my thigh.
a. fracture
b. wound
c. injury
d. bruise

2. Harold's problems began when he fell _____________ the wrong type of person and he ended up becoming a criminal himself.
a. out with
b. in with
c. for
d. back on

3. I will not be made the _____________ for this disaster. I acted on the advice of people above me in this company and if I go, I am taking them with me!
a. loser
b. sacrifice
c. scapegoat
d. target

4. The weather across most of the New England area will be very _____________ today. Some showers but with plenty of sunshine too.
a. various
b. changed
c. changeable
d. diverse

5. The economy did very well for a number of years until public expenditure began to _____________ tax collected by the government.
a. outstrip
b. overtake
c. outrun
d. catch up

6. And, finally, remember that in the desert, your body will _____________ a lot of energy just on keeping cool.
a. waste
b. spend
c. invest
d. expend

7. I wish you kids would just shut up for five minutes. I have got a _____________ headache!
a. drumming
b. splitting
c. hammering
d. beating

8. Oh! I stood up too quickly. I feel a bit _____________.
a. sore
b. dizzy
c. hungover
d. unconscious

9. When you put the hot water into the bowl, be careful not to _____________ yourself.
a. sear
b. melt
c. scald
d. blister

10. The store detective saw him put the chocolate into his pocket and for the sake of a $2 candy bar, he was charged with _____________.
a. burglary
b. mugging
c. embezzlement
d. shop-lifting

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