B1 Preliminary (PET) >> Real World Multiple Choice Worksheets >> The first part of the B1 Preliminary reading paper is multiple choice, where students read five real-world notices, messages and other short texts and choose the best answer for each question.

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B1 Preliminary

Real World Multiple Choice Worksheet 15

Choose the best answer for each question.



Library Conduct

Please maintain silence in the library. Use of mobile phones or loud conversations may lead to expulsion.

  1. Anybody talking will be thrown out of the library.
  2. Silence must be maintained in the library.
  3. Conversations are encouraged in the library if you are talking about homework.


Text Message

Hi Hannah, Just a quick reminder about the party at my place this weekend. Starts at 7. Don't forget the fancy dress! Speak soon, Olivia.

  1. Olivia is reminding Hannah about the fancy dress party.
  2. Olivia is asking Hannah what time the party is.
  3. Hannah is is asking Olivia what to wear.



Dear students, today's chemistry lesson will be in Room 210 instead of the usual Room 203.

  1. The chemistry lab will be a little later today.
  2. The chemistry lab will still be in Room 203.
  3. The chemistry lab is relocated to Room 210 for today.


Text Message

Hi Kyle, I think I left my laptop at your flat last night. Could you check for me? Best, Laura.

  1. Laura thinks she left her laptop at Kyle's flat.
  2. Kyle thinks he left his laptop at Laura's place.
  3. Laura has Kyle's laptop at her place.



For Sale

Solid Oak Dining Table. Seats 6, excellent condition. $350. Contact Jane on 07591234567 to view.

  1. Jane is interested in buying a dining table.
  2. The oak dining table on sale is cheap because of its condition.
  3. Jane is selling a solid oak dining table.

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