B1 Preliminary (PET) >> Real World Multiple Choice Worksheets >> The first part of the B1 Preliminary reading paper is multiple choice, where students read five real-world notices, messages and other short texts and choose the best answer for each question.

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B1 Preliminary

Real World Multiple Choice Worksheet 14

Choose the best answer for each question.



Hello, I have a reservation for two under the name of Smith next week. Unfortunately, I need to cancel it due to unforeseen circumstances. Please confirm the cancellation. Regards, Mr. Smith.

  1. Mr. Smith is confirming a reservation.
  2. Mr. Smith is cancelling a reservation.
  3. Mr. Smith is making a new reservation.



For Sale

Garmin GPS Watch. Great for runners, like new. $100. Call 07123456789 to purchase.

  1. The watch can only be used by runners and athletes.
  2. The seller is offering a watch repair service.
  3. The watch is in good condition.


Text Message

Hey Max, I wasn't able to take notes in the history class today, I couldn't hear well. Could you share yours with me? Thanks, Lucy.

  1. Lucy wasn't able to hear very well in the class today.
  2. Lucy wants to share her notes from the history class with Max.
  3. Max wasn't able to take notes in the history class.



Meeting Room Change

Please note, today's team meeting will be in Room B3 due to ongoing maintenance in Room A1.

  1. The team meeting has been cancelled due to maintenance.
  2. The team meeting will be late due to maintenance.
  3. The team meeting will take place in a different room.


Text Message

Can you collect Tommy from football practice today? I'm stuck at work and can't make it.

  1. The person is unable to pick up Tommy and needs assistance.
  2. The person will be late to collect Tommy from football practice.
  3. Tommy has to miss football practice today.

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