B1 Preliminary (PET) >> Multiple Choice Cloze Worksheets >> The fifth part of the B1 Preliminary reading paper is multiple choice cloze where students have to choose the correct word from four similar given words.

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Multiple Choice Cloze Worksheet 2

For each question, choose which of the four possible answers fits the space best. Also think about why the other three answers are not possible.

1. The ___________ was bustling with people shopping, working, and enjoying the various attractions.

  1. region
  2. subway
  3. city centre
  4. park

2. Not wanting to miss his train, he ___________ to the station.

  1. jumped
  2. walked
  3. relaxed
  4. hurried

3. We use a ___________ to erase pencil marks on paper.

  1. ruler
  2. compass
  3. corrector
  4. rubber

4. The Eiffel Tower is a ___________ landmark in Paris.

  1. best
  2. famous
  3. biggest
  4. great

5. After a long day at work, she was ___________ and went straight to bed.

  1. quick
  2. tired
  3. fond
  4. positive

6. Many ancient ___________ are studied by archaeologists.

  1. artefacts
  2. bits
  3. stuff
  4. trends

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