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Matching Worksheet 10

Below, you will find descriptions of five people who want to buy or rent a property. And descriptions of eight different properties. Decide which property would be the most suitable for the people below.


1. Mike is a university student looking for a flat within walking distance of his university in central London. He would also prefer a place with at least one roommate to share costs and make new friends.

2. Sophie is a young professional recently moved to Birmingham. She's looking for a modern flat with a home office space, since she works remotely most of the time.

3. The Browns are a family of four seeking a house with a garden in the peaceful town of Brighton. They also need a garage to park their family car.

4. Eleanor is a retiree who enjoys baking and gardening. She is in search of a cosy cottage with a large kitchen and a small garden in the countryside.

5. Paul is a freelance photographer who needs a loft apartment with plenty of natural light for his home studio. He prefers a property located in a vibrant city area.


A. 'Victoria Terrace': This modern flat in the heart of Birmingham features an open-plan living area and a dedicated home office space. It's ideally situated with local amenities just a short walk away, perfect for those working from home.

B. 'Ocean View': A quaint cottage located in the serene English countryside. The cottage boasts a large kitchen and a lovely little garden - perfect for those who enjoy quiet living and have a penchant for gardening and cooking.

C. 'Brighton Bungalow': This spacious family house is located in a quiet Brighton neighbourhood. It features a lovely garden for outdoor family activities and a garage suitable for parking a car. Local schools and parks are nearby, making it an ideal home for a family.

D. 'The Loft': This stylish loft apartment in Manchester city centre is flooded with natural light thanks to large windows. It's situated in a lively area with numerous galleries, cafes and shops, making it suitable for creatives seeking inspiration.

E. 'London Student Flatshare': A comfortable flat located a short walk from several London universities. This property comes with two bedrooms, providing an opportunity for students to share the space and costs.

F. 'Greenwich Apartment': Located in London, this apartment offers amazing views of the city. It features a modern kitchen and a spacious living room. Public transportation is easily accessible, making travel around the city convenient.

G. 'Rural Retreat': A beautiful detached house in the rural parts of Kent. It comes with a spacious backyard and a tranquil setting, perfect for those seeking peace and quiet.

H. 'Suburban Semi': A semi-detached house in a friendly Leeds suburb. It features a small front garden and a spacious living room. Nearby is a local shopping centre and park, ideal for weekend outings.


1. Mike ______
2. Sophie ______
3. The Browns ______
4. Eleanor ______
5. Paul ______

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