B1 Preliminary (PET) >> Gapped Text Worksheets >> The fourth part of the B1 Preliminary reading paper is gapped text, where students have to read a passage from which five sentences have been removed.

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B1 Preliminary

Gapped Text Worksheet 9 - Answer Sheet

Five sentences have been removed from the text below. For each question, choose the correct answer. There are three extra sentences which you do not need to use.

  1. G. I got the job when I was 15, looking for a part-time job during the summer holidays.
  2. F. It was my responsibility to make sure they looked appealing to the customers.
  3. B. However, I was always ready to help wherever I was needed.
  4. A. I learned a lot from them and they made me feel part of the team.
  5. E. It was hectic and demanding, but we managed.

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