Advanced Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> A look at some inversion structures such as "Never have I...", "Rarely did he..." and so on.

Inversion Structures


Use an inversion structure to rewrite the following sentences. Sometimes a prompt is given which you should use.

  1. I've never seen such a large audience for a political conference.
  2. He rarely makes speeches if there are no TV cameras around.
  3. We absolutely cannot accept the latest government pay offer. (Under no...)
  4. He started to address the audience and the protesters began shouting immediately. (No sooner...)
  5. He has lost control of unemployment and he also lied to Congress. (Not only...)
  6. The demonstration continued until the police arrived in large numbers. (Only when...)
  7. The election campaign finished and the government's luck began to change very quickly. (Hardly...) Premium

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