Advanced Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Sentences about the construction and only voyage of the Titanic: students look for errors in the use of past modal verbs of deduction.

Modal Verbs of Deduction: The Titanic


Read these sentences about the construction and only voyage of the Titanic ship. Which of the sentences contain errors?

1. It must have been very dangerous to work in the shipyard. Some men were killed during the building of the ship.

2. There must have been a big crowd present when the ship was finally launched.

3. The ship's owners must have been very proud to see the Titanic in the water for the first time.

4. The first passengers must have been very excited to climb aboard the ship.

5. The Titanic must have been (or just "was") a very luxurious ship on the inside.

6. It must have been going very fast when it was near the iceberg.

7. The ship's lookout can't have seen the iceberg in time - and it was too late.

8. The North Atlantic water must have been very cold at that time of year. Premium

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