Advanced Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Gap fill exercise which focuses on subject/verb agreement.

Subject Verb Agreement Gap Fill Worksheet


Fill each gap with either a singular or plural verb form.

1. Everyone _________ (want) to know the name of the newborn baby.

2. People _________ (like) it when you listen to them and not only talk about yourself.

3. The news _________ (be) bad, I'm afraid. We won't be coming.

4. We want to know why so much of the money _________ (be) missing. Where is it?

5. The leader of the trade union, along with three of his colleagues, his secretary and nine supporters, _________ (be) being charged with fraud.

6. "Which suit do you want me to dry clean for the wedding?" "Oh, either _________ (be) fine, thanks."

7. 40% of the students _________ (be) very unhappy with the university administration.

8. Four times eight _________ (be) thirty-two. Premium

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