Advanced Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students use either 'run' or 'catch' in the correct form to complete each sentence.

Run & Catch Gap Fill Worksheet


The verbs 'run' and 'catch' are used in many different ways in English. Complete each sentence with the correct form of one of these two words.

1. Is the governor of New York going to ________ for president?

2. The teacher explained the lesson, but I didn't ________ on.

3. Last month we ________ up a big phone bill.

4. The sudden rain yesterday ________ me by surprise.

5. The hunters ________ a glimpse of a deer, but it got away.

6. If you drive too fast, you ________ the risk of having an accident.

7. Don't let your imagination ________ away with you.

8. We ________ into some problems when we tried to repair the plumbing ourselves.

9. Cover your mouth when you sneeze so other people don't ________ your cold.

10. Musical talent has always ________ in their family. Premium

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